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In almost every language there is the same saying that tells us to imagine ourselves in someone else's shoes, so we can understand that person better.

Understanding others and being understood by others is vital for all of us. More so in the face of the challenges that everyone of us has to master everyday. My project 'DO I KNOW YOU' materialises this interplay of understanding and being understood in a social sculpture that aims to show the similarities and differences of the lives we lead and the perspectives we have.

For this social sculpture I have collected two things from every person - their story and a pair of their shoes. No pair of shoes, no one and no story will remain isolated. Rather, they will make a whole together with each perspective influencing our understanding of the others. Yet, understanding is not solely directed at the other. We too need other perspectives to see clearly who we are.


The motivation for the sculpture is simple. Many ills have been with us for generations. Injustice, war, exploitation and inequality remain fixed in our society. It almost seems we are incapable of living together.


But if we could truly step into someone else's shoes, we would have more understanding, express more empathy and ultimately our world would be warmer, fairer and a better place for all of us. In this spirit my sculpture asks: DO I KNOW YOU? DO YOU KNOW ME? WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO WE WANT TO CREATE TOGETHER? 

This sculpture is alive and ongoing. If you would like to share your story and to contribute a pair of your shoes please contact me:

This is a link to a short film about the project shown in the Modern Art Oxford Museum September 2016.

Das ist der link für den Kurzfilm mit deutschen Untertiteln.

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